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Frequently Asked Questions

The funding range that will be available:

Grants will be awarded in amounts up to $10,000.

The deadline to apply:

Applications must be postmarked, delivered, emailed, or submitted online by noon November 22, 2021.

Can I apply by mail?

Applications can be mailed to Government Center, Suite 800, Toledo, OH 43604 to the attention of Kwinlyn Tyler. Application must be postmarked by November 22, 2021. To if you would to print the application you can go here

Can I apply online?

Application can be submitted online here

Will applications be saved automatically?

No. The application must be completed after it is started to be saved for submission.

Can I make changes to an application that has already been submitted?

No. Submitted applications cannot be edited or amended.

Will confirmations be sent after applications have been accepted?

Applications submitted online will be confirmed with a message that will appear on screen. A copy of your completed application also will be emailed to you upon receipt. A confirmation email will be sent to applications submitted via regular mail, email, or dropped off.

Organizations selected for grant awards will be notified via email on or before December 15, 2021.


The grant fund will support nonprofit organizations working to advance criminal justice reform.

Individuals who wish to receive grant funds are required to be sponsored by a nonprofit organization. Individuals applying for grants must provide the name of a non-profit organization that will serve as fiscal and oversight sponsor, and the organization would become the official applicant and recipient of the award.

Obtaining a nonprofit fiscal sponsor for individuals applying for grants involves the following:

Grants will only be awarded to nonprofit organizations, individuals not affiliated with a nonprofit organization are required to identify an organization that will sponsor the project.

Funds awarded will be distributed directly to the nonprofit organization, which will be the fiscal sponsor of the proposed project and responsible for managing the distribution of funds.

The distribution of funds from the nonprofit organization to the individual seeking to perform the work will be contingent on an agreement between the individual and the nonprofit organization and will be independent of any award agreement between the recipient nonprofit organization and the ProMedica Foundation.

Reporting requirements for grant recipients:

Organizations awarded grants must file grant funding reports detailing use of grant funds, program milestones, and/or outcomes. The funding report formats will be provided.

Can additional files be uploaded to supplement online grant applications?

A space is provided for additional documents. Supporting documents can be submitted with applications that are mailed or emailed.

Can more than one application be submitted?

An organization can submit multiple grant applications if applying for different programs.

How will grant funds be disbursed?

Grant funding will be awarded through the ProMedica Foundation.